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Property owners in fight to death with weeds

May 9, 2017 GMT

HARLINGEN — The usual concerns for property owners in the downtown historic district are zoning rules and parking.

But these days they’re having to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with an invasive species that is proving difficult if not impossible to kill.

They’re not calling it a space alien — well, actually they are saying that.

“It’s kind of like an alien invasion or something,” Lars Keim, a downtown property owner, said. “They come back, and they come back very quickly — they grow very fast.”

Experts at Grimsell’s GardenCenter nearby said they haven’t noticed the weed’s silent march through downtown’s concrete jungle, but identified a photograph of the plant as being false ragweed, Parthenium hysterophorus L.

Roundup, they say, while a very effective wide-spectrum weed-killer, doesn’t kill everything. They recommended alternatives like Image or Sledgehammer to do the dirty work on the invasive weed.

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