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Dogs running loose in city

May 3, 2019 GMT

Editor, Daily Times:

A very good friend of mine was walking her dog near her daughter’s house in town and a dog running loose came over and knocked her down and broke her hip. She had to have surgery on Easter Sunday.

The owner of the dog also did not have a city tag for the dog.

My friend had to endure hip surgery and now weeks of rehab all because a dog owner let his dog run loose. It was not the fault of the dog, but of the owner of the dog.

The dog owner said he was just being friendly and that he had called for the EMT’s. No, he had not called anyone and even if his dog was friendly, there is no excuse for knocking my friend down.

Please, people of Watertown, it is illegal to let your dog run loose and let this be a lesson for anyone in town. Unfortunately, my good friend has to be the one to bear the pain of a very bad dog owner.

Carolyn Poteet