Michigan court is urged to put voting measure on ballot

September 1, 2022 GMT

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Supporters of an effort to expand voting opportunities asked the Michigan Supreme Court to intervene Thursday and place the proposed constitutional amendment on the fall ballot.

“The challengers have made frivolous arguments to block this proposal,” said Khalilah Spencer of the group Promote the Vote 2022.

The move came a day after the Board of State Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 on the issue, a tie that blocks it. Republicans voted no while Democrats voted in favor of giving the question to voters.

The amendment to the constitution would, among other provisions, require nine days of in-person early voting, state-funded absentee ballot drop boxes and postage for absentee ballots and applications. Voters could join a permanent list to have absentee ballots sent for every election.

Voters could verify their identity with a photo ID or a signed statement.

Advocates submitted more than enough signatures to meet the 425,000-signature threshold. But the two Republican canvassers said some language was unclear. The state GOP opposes the proposal.

One of the arguments against: Election Day, as it appears in the state constitution, would effectively be eliminated with early voting, critics claim.

“Nonsensical,” Promote the Vote 2022 said in the court filing.