Fraternity closes UConn chapter citing teen’s ‘tragic death’

March 21, 2017 GMT

The October death of a 19-year old UConn student sent another ripple across the state on Monday with the closure of a campus fraternity affiliate.

Jeffny Pally, of West Hartford, was a Sophomore when she was fatally run over by a fire department SUV after falling asleep in front of a campus firehouse. She had been drinking at a off-campus party on Oct. 16, 2016.

In a decision announced Monday night, the Ohio-based Delta Gamma Fraternity has revoked the charter of its Connecticut affiliate, Epsilon Pi, where Pally was a member.

“The decision to close a chapter is never easy, but Council strongly feels it is in the best interest of the chapter and University of Connecticut community,” said Fraternity President Stacia Rudge Skoog, in a statement adding that “The tragic death of a new member ... caused Council to reflect on the member experience at Epsilon Pi.”

In the release, Delta Gamma cited “risk management concerns and policy violations” that were required additional resources and oversight since the Spring of 2014.


Civil and criminal court cases have also followed in the wake of Pally’s death.

Six students were charged with alcohol-related crimes on February 24, 2017.

Pally’s parents, Abraham and Shiny Chemmarappally, are suing the firefighter who was behind the SUV, as well as the state.

They are also asking a Hartford Superior Court judge to prevent the release of a video documenting the death to media outlets.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.