Free Wi-Fi at Idaho Falls Regional Airport

December 15, 2016 GMT

IDAHO FALLS – Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA), an important air transportation center for Eastern Idaho, Southern Montana, and Western Wyoming, announces new free fiber optic wireless internet for travelers and new lightning-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The high-speed Internet connection is provided by the airport through Silver Star Communications.

Whereas a lot of airports across the country offer a free or “freemium” internet (charging for intensive use such as video streaming) ,passengers traveling through IDA will have Wi-Fi speeds as fast as their home or office. And the best part, IDA’s passengers can enjoy fast Wi-Fi access at no charge. So now, whether guests are waiting for their flight or their loved ones to arrive, they can conduct business, check email and social media, stream music and so much more

IDA is committed to providing first-class airport services and staying competitive and does so by maintaining the highest levels of safety and security; systematically improving infrastructure; implementing effective marketing strategies; improving the customer experience by staying up to date with emerging technologies; and balancing the roles of operating the airport as a public service and business enterprise.