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Organized crime is a top driver of global deforestation – along with beef, soy, palm oil and wood products


COMMENTARY More than 100 world leaders have pledged to end the destruction of forests by 2030 as a way to slow climate change. That will require changing how the world produces four widely used commodities. 984 words. By Jennifer Devine, Texas State University

How hip-hop in the classroom is raising the volume of learning: 4 essential reads

COMMENTARY In recognition of National Hip Hop History Month, The Conversation presents four articles that deal with how educators and rappers are taking hip-hop from concerts to classrooms. 747 words. By

The ancient history of adding insult to injury

COMMENTARY Epic poetry tends to be seen as highbrow, while action films are regarded as puerile and brutish. But the two share an affinity for dressing up brutal deaths with rhetorical flair. 1025 words. By Andrew M. McClellan, San Diego State University

What is Zakat? A scholar of Islam explains

RELIGION Zakat, or charity, is a fundamental practice within the Islamic faith. 300 words. By Iqbal Akhtar, Florida International University

Disinformation is spreading beyond the realm of spycraft to become a shady industry – lessons from South Korea

COMMENTARY Disinformation is being privatized around the world. This new industry is built on a dangerous combination of cheap labor, high-tech algorithms and emotional national narratives. 941 words. By K. Hazel Kwon, Arizona State University


Have we made an object that could travel 1% the speed of light?

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY The fastest things ever made by humans are spacecraft, and the fastest spacecraft reached 330,000 mph – only 0.05% the speed of light. But there are ways to go faster. 689 words. By Chris Impey, University of Arizona

Steve Bannon indicted over Jan. 6 panel snub, pushing key question over presidential power to the courts

COMMENTARY Donald Trump asked former aides not to testify before a committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. The Department of Justice has now charged one over that refusal. 1243 words. By Jennifer Selin, University of Missouri-Columbia

The ‘great resignation’ is a trend that began before the pandemic – and bosses need to get used to it

COMMENTARY A record share of workers quit their jobs in September. A human resources scholar explains how this is a trend that predates the pandemic. 859 words. By Ian O. Williamson, University of California, Irvine

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