Former officers say sentences for corruption were too harsh

January 11, 2021 GMT

BALTIMORE (AP) — Two former Baltimore Police officers serving hundreds of years in prison say their punishments are too harsh and that they should be released.

Attorneys for the men argue in recent court filings that they would have received far shorter sentences today under sentencing reforms that were recently passed by Congress.

The Baltimore Sun reported Monday that William King and Antonio Murray were sentenced in 2006 to prison terms of 315 and 139 years, respectively. Authorities said the officers detained and robbed drug dealers before distributing the drugs to other dealers with whom they were aligned. They were convicted of robbery, extortion, and drug and handgun offenses.


Their sentences were much higher because the court was required to consecutively run various gun-related convictions. They also went to trial instead of striking plea deals. Murray’s attorney said he was offered a six-year plea deal after he was charged.

The sentences are unlike any others by corrupt officers. In Baltimore’s more recent Gun Trace Task Force case, the longest sentence of any officer was 25 years.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said prosecutors would respond to the filing in court and declined to comment.