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Pocatello High School

May 1, 2019 GMT

There is no question that some folks are die-hard Pocatello High School building fans. I can understand their desire to maintain the building as it was during their attendance there. It is nostalgic. But--it is also inadequate to meet the needs of today’s students. I would guess that some, if not most, of the opponents have not been in the building during active school time for years, if at all, since graduation. Yes, PHS reunion tours happen yearly, but those “walk throughs” do not point out the physical needs missing in a facility for housing present day students.

One only has to read Principal Delonas’ editorial in the April 25 issue of the ISJ to understand the plight of the students and faculty who attend that facility daily. Conditions appear to be deplorable. How can we, in good conscience, deprive future PHS students of getting an education in a building that is insufficient and lacks an appropriate environment for all who will enter it.


Our school board has worked diligently to try to meet the requests of all who have provided input regarding the renovations. Not everyone will be happy, BUT, not everyone will be distraught. It is counterproductive for us, as a community, so seek recalls every time a decision is made that we don’t like. Let them do their jobs that pays them absolutely nothing. Then, next election, you can run for the board and make the decisions.

Roger Wheeler,