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MADE TO STAND OUT: New Pocatello marketing shop helps businesses stamp their names in consumers’ minds

May 6, 2019 GMT

POCATELLO — Logos. Banners. Business cards. Car decals. Whatever it may be, Modern Signs Plus can tackle it.

Opened three weeks ago and pulled together in just six, Modern Signs Plus on 4141 Poleline Road offers numerous marketing materials services geared to help businesses make a statement in the community.

The brains behind the marketing shop are Sean and Annie Spangler, a husband-and-wife team from McCammon who set aside corporate careers in the health care field to pursue a business endeavor of the creative kind.

“Once we knew what we wanted to do, we just went for it,” Annie said. “From concept to finish, we had a six-week period where we rented the space, got the showroom finished and opened.”

On Tuesday at 5:15 p.m., they will be holding a ribbon cutting to officially announce the opening of their business. The theme will be red carpet, and although it won’t be a full-scale party, they plan to have a little bit of fun with it and have it stand out, Annie said.


The Spanglers always knew they wanted to open and run some type of business, and with Annie’s background in marketing and Sean’s knack in creativity, they were able to sew together Modern Signs Plus.

The shop is a sign, print and graphic design business and offers everything from customized shirts to store signs to website design, which Sean handles with his skill in graphic design, while Annie manages the business and keeps it in running order.

“My husband is very creative and he does all our graphic design and he created our shop,” Annie said. “He said, ‘I love doing this, so why not open a business doing something that I love?’ And I had been a stay-at-home mom for a few years, so we just found the thing that felt right for us.”

Within three weeks of opening, they have juggled all types of clients, ranging from landscaping companies to realtors to orthodontists. So far, they’ve had luck of gaining new clients through word of mouth and are working to draw in new businesses as Modern Signs Plus picks up steam.

“Whatever clients need, we are willing to do what we can to make sure everything’s a one-stop shop,” Annie said. “Starting a business or trying to start a marketing program is a lot of work. Sometimes businesses don’t know where to start and having to go to so many places is challenging. So we are trying to be that one person where they can have all their needs met.”

To help market their own services around town, Sean purchased a large army cargo truck, which they will put their company name on and use for deliveries.

“That will definitely stand out and get attention, so that’s part of our marketing strategy,” Annie said.

They also have a website up with the many examples of services they provide for businesses. It can be found at

In the near future, they have plans to hire employees who can help with the graphic design workload because they’ve been pretty busy since opening, Annie said. But overall their business strategy is straightforward.

“Growing, of course, that’s our ultimate goal, but also being known and established here and being a great place for businesses when they are in need,” Annie said.