Volunteers help salamanders, frogs cross the road safely

April 25, 2021 GMT

BOSTON (AP) — Residents of one Massachusetts town are helping some local amphibians get where they need to be this mating season.

WBZ News Radio reports volunteers in Pepperell are working with the local conservation administrator to assist salamanders and wood frogs who venture out onto local streets at night.

This time of year, salamanders and frogs travel from their winter homes to wetlands where they will mate, making them especially vulnerable to traffic.

To keep themselves safe, the volunteers wear reflective vests.


Conservation Administrator Paula Terrasi said the volunteers “stand guard and try to let them cross on their own.”

Many amphibian species face significant challenges due to climate change and habitat loss. According to Mass Audubon, Massachusetts is home to 11 salamander species. Three are listed under the state’s Endangered Species Act.