Nasty women joyfully dance at Trump headquarters

October 28, 2016 GMT

During the final presidential debate, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump referred to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman.”

On Wednesday, Clinton supporters took the comment in jest and hosted a “Nasty Women Vote Dance Party” outside the Trump/Pence campaign office at South and Schell streets.

Organized by Pennsylvania’s Future, Planned Parenthood Votes, and American Bridge and, the event was designed to send Trump a message that “nasty women vote,” organizers said.

And they can obviously dance also.

As a pair of Trump campaign workers sheepishly observed through their office’s glass door, nearly a dozen women and several men bore signs with anti-Trump messages and danced to the tune of Janet Jackson’s hit song “Nasty.”

Drivers beeped their horns in acknowledgement, drivers stalled traffic to glance at the dancers, and pedestrians stopped to observe as the “nasty girls” moving in opposition to Trump.


“Many of you heard Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton ‘such a nasty woman’ and that’s why we’re here,” said David Scholnick of For Pennsylvania’s Future. We took it personally,”

Scholnick said women weren’t the only ones offended by Trump’s “nasty woman” comment. He said the remark also struck the nerves of Americans from all walks of life.

“We’re here to show that nasty women vote, too, and so do ‘bad hombres’” he said in reference to another label used by Trump during last week’s debate. “And we’re going to win.”

“We at Planned Parenthood Votes have been working hard, knocking on over 400,000 doors and will be constantly on the phone to make sure that we get someone in office who we know is going to fight for and protect the rights of women, and that person will be President Hillary Clinton,” said Danitra Sherman of Planned Parenthood Votes. “Donald Trump, has done a lot this campaign season.” said Sherman.

“He has made sure that he has used his campaign time to be very demeaning and disrespectful of woman and that is someone we do not want in office,” she said.

Denitra also said that the group also did not want someone in the office of president who would restrict a woman’s right to choose.

“There is so much at stake in this election,” said Dawn Le, communications director for American Bridge.

“It’s one of the longest elections, we have had to bear down and hear the insults. He [Trump] has proven himself to be unfit to be Commander in Chief and we are prepared to make sure that he is never in the White House,” she said.

Le said that the Dance Party Campaign was taking place throughout the United states and American Bridge distributed video cards featuring derisive comments made by Trump throughout his campaign and career. The video begins playing whenever the card is open and thousands of them will be distributed to the public.