Votes from Douglas County are not for sale

October 31, 2018 GMT

The $5,000 that Jordan Cove gave to Gary Leif bothers me. Protecting private property rights and limiting the use of eminent domain was so important to our founding fathers, they wrote it into our constitution. Oregon ballot Measure 39 banned the practice of using eminent domain to take private property for the benefit of business interests in 2007. Oregonians voted overwhelmingly in favor of this ban, and in Douglas County the vote was 78 percent in favor.

Aside from the questions about eminent domain, the Jordan Cove project creates a flammable gas pipeline through our forests and would be built in the face of a monster earthquake off our coast. The draft Environment Impact Study will be released next spring. Jordan Cove is in a big hurry to buy right of ways and approvals before this draft EIS is released to the public. Have you received all of the slick expensive mailings from this foreign company? What is their hurry?


As a Republican, Mr. Leif has pledged to protect our private property rights, unless of course, he is given $5,000. Which other of our constitutionally guaranteed rights is Mr. Leif willing to sell? Is this why he is hiding from the voters? We need people in the legislature with the backbone to stand up to special interests, not sell us out. I am voting for Megan Salter. Her election would send a better message to the state Legislature. Votes from Douglas County are not for sale.

Diana Larson

Myrtle Creek