Eagles Doughnuts & More

February 4, 2018 GMT

Chicken-and-doughnut restaurant Federal Donuts is the latest local eatery to pay homage to the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of the Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia-based chain unveiled a green doughnut “sprinkled with Philadelphia grit and brotherly love” on Twitter Wednesday. It’s calling the creation the “Iggle Donut,” playing off the local slang pronunciation of the team’s name. Federal Donuts will send proceeds from the doughnuts to The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia. Local roaster Reanimator Coffee is also sending proceeds to the school district from its special-edition Foles-gers coffee roast, named after Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

A bakery in nearby West Chester also posted a video to Instagram earlier this week showing an Eagles-themed wedding cake that customers recently ordered.