Native American statute removed from St. Louis

September 17, 2021 GMT

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A statue of a Native American that served as a landmark at an intersection in a St. Louis business district was removed Friday after officials determined it did not “appropriately honor” indigenous communities.

The statue will be donated to the National Building Arts Center, a repository for area architectural artifacts, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Its sculptor, Bill Christman, endorsed the statue’s removal.

The Cherokee Street Community Improvement District said in a social media post that the sculpture was removed early Friday, after a vote Thursday night at a meeting of the district.

The fiberglass statue, which stands 21 feet high, was commissioned in 1985 by the Cherokee Station Business Association to serve as a landmark for the street and its resurgent commercial district.

“However, the statue does not appropriately honor the indigenous communities that have called this land home,” the business district’s statement said.