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Thieving Monkey

November 12, 2017 GMT

A young macaque monkey was knocked out for 10 hours after downing a cup of coffee it stole from a tourist in Bangkok on Sunday.

The monkey suffered a caffeine overdose and had to be slowly brought around using a saline and carbon solution administered by local medics. Witnesses said the six-month-old long tailed macaque fell ill after climbing down on to a tourist’s motorbike where a cup of coffee was sitting inside a plastic bag hanging from the handlebars. Before anyone could stop the primate, it took the cup out and sipped from it. Locals believe it copied the behavior from the tourist, who was drinking from the cup just moments before.

But it soon fell ill and collapsed in the street after suffering a severe reaction to the caffeine, prompting witnesses to call in the vets. Medics took the macaque to a nearby animal hospital where it was given medication until the following morning, when it recovered.