Quotables: Fans go to bat for the Pirates

January 21, 2018 GMT

The Pirates’ announced trade last week of five-time All-Star Andrew McCutchen to the San Francisco Giants led to more than the predictable blowback from fans. Jason Kauffman of Ross started a petition asking Major League Baseball to force Pirates owner Bob Nutting to sell the team. Another fan, Thomas Lennex of New Kensington, has launched a Facebook event, “Boycott the 2018 Pirates season.” It goes without saying that Pirates fans take their home team seriously — and they expect no less from Mr. Nutting.

“I want them to open up their eyes and their ears and know that we’ve had enough. We’re tired of the ‘same-old, same-old’ saying: ‘We’re in this for a championship’ when you’re really not. Don’t tell me your goal is to win a World Series when you’re not doing anything to improve the team.”

Jason Kauffman

Creator of an online petition urging the sale of the Pirates


“All you ‘yinzers’ out there. Let’s put our foot down and actually cause financial repercussions to those in charge at the Pirates. Like many of you, I’m tired, and have been tired of horrible decisions made for the team.”

From the description of the Facebook event, “Boycott the 2018 Pirates season”

“We appreciate the passion of our fans and respect their desire to express that passion both in good times and bad. The last two seasons simply have not been good enough. Our expectations, and that of our fans, are much higher.”

Brian Warecki

Pittsburgh Pirates vice president of communications