Christmas merry on farm

December 2, 2018 GMT

Laurel Burke and her mother, Bonnie Gregory, have set up shop at Salomon Farm Park’s annual Christmas on the Farm for six years. 

“We just like the atmosphere. We love the farm,” Burke said. “We do three shows a year here and we always have a good time getting to know the other vendors and the people who come through.”

Dozens braved wind and rain Saturday for the park’s annual event, which featured local vendors, a petting zoo, fresh-cut Christmas trees, live music, free hot cocoa, dog sled demonstrations and a visit from Father Christmas himself. About 17 vendors attended Saturday, Eden Lamb, the park’s outdoor recreation supervisor, said. 

Burke makes all of the jewelry she sells under the name Sleepy Owl Jewelry. Gregory hand-knits colorful baskets from wool yarn.

Saturday marked Christmas on the Farm’s 10th year, Lamb said. Chilly, damp weather may have had an impact on Saturday’s attendance, but those who were there were not without holiday spirit.


Even the dogs from Heartland Mushers, the dog-sled team giving demonstrations on the property, got in on the fun. 

“We actually brought the malamutes from the dog sled team into the old barn,” Eden said, chuckling. “That wasn’t originally planned, but they’re singing along to the music in there.” 

For Burke and Gregory, Christmas on the Farm is an opportunity to show off their crafts and connect with fellow vendors, many of whom return to Salomon Farm Park year after year for multiple events. Sleepy Owl Jewelry is part of several events held at the farm each year, Gregory said. 

“It’s a lot of fun, I get to see some of the same vendors. It’s probably the only time of year we get to see each other,” Burke said. “I love seeing what they sell and make. Everybody’s got something different that they’re good at.”