The Mexican food capitals of America

April 26, 2017 GMT

From spicy fajitas to savory burritos, there’s nothing like the perfect Mexican dish when you are craving something south of the border. In the U.S., Mexican cuisine includes a wide range of options -- from Tex-Mex chimichangas and traditional chocolate mole to tortas and ceviché, there is something for everyone’s varied tastes.There are many Mexican restaurants throughout the U.S., but which cities contain the best of the best? The data experts at FindTheHome, a real estate intelligence site by Graphiq, identified the 50 Mexican food capitals of America. Using data from Yelp, FindTheHome created an aggregate Mexican Food Score for all cities with more than 100,000 people. The score, out of 100, takes into account the following factors:Prevalence: This takes into account the total number of Mexican restaurants in a given city.Inherent Quality: The percentage of Mexican restaurants in a given city rated with four or more stars on Yelp.Quality Compared to Other Foods: The average Yelp rating of Mexican restaurants in a given city compared to the average rating of all restaurants in that city.The list is ordered by each city’s Mexican Food Index, with the highest-rated cities appearing at the top. Ties are broken by the average Yelp rating of Mexican restaurants, with higher-rated cities ranking first. Restaurants tagged as “Mexican” and “Tacos” on Yelp were included.If you’re visiting one of these cities, chances are you’ll have excellent Mexican restaurants to choose from. Many of these cities are located close to the border and have a strong Mexican influence. There are also others located in the Midwest including cities in Minnesota and Nebraska that may surprise you.