Kimmel: Schools eschewing Halloween can try All Snickers Eve

October 30, 2021 GMT

MELROSE, Mass. (AP) — Comedian Jimmy Kimmel thinks residents of a Massachusetts school district that has chosen not to host Halloween can perform an end-run on the policy by celebrating an alternative holiday such as “National Gourd Appreciation Day” or “All Snickers Eve.”

Kimmel poked fun at the Melrose school district on his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show on Wednesday. The district’s superintendent sent a letter to parents on Oct. 22 that the district “has worked to deemphasize Halloween and shift our focus toward community building through fall celebrations.”

Kimmel thought that policy was silly, and said it was possibly an attempt to placate “Goblin America.” The subject has become a sore one in the community, where parents started an online petition to keep Halloween, The Boston Globe reported. The superintendent has since said elementary schools will celebrate Halloween.


Kimmel said other potential alternative holidays include “Children Dress Slightly Different Than They Normally Do Every Day,” “The Festival of Non-Terrifying, Eco-Friendly Rubber Masks,” “Draculabor Day” and “Afterlife Awareness Day.”