New Portland brewery to produce nonalcoholic beer only

July 30, 2021 GMT

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A Portland businessman and the co-founder of Austin Street Brewery have teamed up to create Maine’s first craft brewery dedicated to brewing nonalcoholic beer.

KITna Brewing will open in Portland’s West Bayside neighborhood and will be available through local shops, restaurants and bars, and via shipping later this year, the Portland Press Herald reported.

The “na” in the name KITna stands for “nonalcoholic” and Fisher said that the “KIT” stands for “toolkit.”

Austin Street Brewery will be launched by co-founder and head of operations Will Fisher along with Rob Barrett, owner of Barrett Made Architecture + Construction.

KITna will not be the first nonalcoholic beer in the state — that designation goes to Woodland Farms Brewery’s Pointer, which was released in March.

“So if you’re using it to replace regular beer occasionally or all the time, or just during dry January, it’s part of your toolkit for life. It lets you know the purpose of the beer but not being too preachy about it,” he said.