Lures are all about personal preference, skill

January 26, 2019 GMT

BULLHEAD CITY — With no significant news on the fishing front, Rusty Braun was left to his own devices.


Braun, the proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City, has a bunch of lures in his collection — and in his store. He is kind of partial to most of them, some more so than others.

“I am taking this slow time to show off one of my favorite lures,” he said. “I must first say that there are some really good ones to pick from. Once you have picked your favorite, make sure you have a good line and your knot is very important.

“A good practice is to retie after that hard strike or hookup. The next thing you will have to learn is the best retrieve for your lure or spinner. Whether you are fishing the lake, which is still water, or our river, which moves along at about 5 to 7 mph, you should float at about 2 mph. These are just approximates. Once you get the hang of our river and the current, you will catch fish.”


As for that favorite lure?

“The Pencil Popper is a top-water lure or a hard bait,” he said. “It takes a little more to make it produce. There are other lures that work really well. This one, to me, is fun as it’s top-water action, which means it’s at the surface where you can see some of the action going on.”

He said it takes some practice and patience to master the Pencil Popper.

“One of the first things that will happen is most anglers will pull the line to set the hook when they feel a hit,” he said. “But this top-water plug, the fish is trying to kill the thing, so you have to give slack or go forward.”

Braun said lures and baits are as much about personal preference as they are results.

“Hope this gives an insight on the various lures out there, whether it’s a $10 or a $300 (lure), they all have different requirements to produce hookups. It’s mostly all about the retrieve.

“Whether you are fishing for trout or stripers in this area using spinners, soft baits or hard baits, they all will work. Or mostly all. Some colors work better here than others.”

Braun said there are a couple of major factors for the slow fishing conditions.

“With our weather and water levels fluctuating, it’s been making it difficult for our anglers to get out to the water — boat or shore, Lake Mohave or the Colorado River,” he said. When conditions are good, “we have some great opportunities for all degrees of anglers.”

Braun said he hopes to have more news when trout stocking resumes — and when the striper bite resumes as well.

“That all should be happening soon,” he said.

If you have a fish story to share or need some help selecting the right lure — or gear — for your fishing outing, contact Braun at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd. in Bullhead City, or call him at 928-763-8550.