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Greenwich police give tips for boating season

May 1, 2019 GMT

GREENWICH — With boating season just on the horizon, the Greenwich Police Department took to social media to give boaters some pointers before their maiden voyage of the season.

Boaters should always check the weather before heading out on the water for the day, and keep an eye on the weather throughout the day since it can change quickly.

“When checking the forecast, look to see if a wind or small craft advisory is posted for the afternoon and plan your boating trip accordingly,” police said.

Another important tip: boaters should always have a way to call for help.

Although many people may think a cellphone is their best option, police said that’s not always the case since signals might be weak or non-existent on the water.

A more reliable source of communication when boating is a VHF radio. Visit for more information about these radios.


Boaters should always know the area where they are traveling and how to efficiently and effectively communication their location. Police said a good skill boaters should learn is how to read their boat’s instruments to give their exact latitude and longitude if needed.

“This gives a precise location to rescuers and will save a lot of time, especially in a medical emergency,” police said.

Every boat should be equipped with an anchor and signal lights, even for those boaters planning to be back at the dock before dark.

As a precaution, boaters should ensure every person on their boat is wearing, or has direct access to, a life jacket.

“Your life jacket should be on as soon as you notice trouble,” police said.