Willow Smith talks about body insecurities

May 26, 2018 GMT

Willow Smith used to be jealous of “curvier” girls.

The 17-year-old star has spoken candidly about her body insecurities, and admitted they came from seeing boys she liked at school dating girls with a different image to her own.

Speaking to her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield, on “Red Table Talk,” she said: “I, in my own life, struggled with curvier women, and curvier girls have always gotten more attention from the boys that I’ve liked and have ended up dating the boys that I’ve liked.

“That constantly happening and me, you know, being their friend but not really seeing them look at me in a certain way ... then you start to wonder, ‘Dang, am I just not desirable? Is my body just not what society likes?’ So it does just get really hard for a lot of girls.”

However, the singer and actress explained she has friends who are envious of her slimmer frame, and it has made her realize that people are often left wanting what others have.


She added: “I hear my friends that are curvy, they are telling me, ‘It’s so great that you can wear some shorts and a tank top and not feel overexposed or feel like people are looking at you differently.’ Everyone wants what they don’t have.”

Smith then responded to a question submitted on Facebook by a viewer, who asked why girls are “so mean” about looks and style.

Insisting it’s all about “envy,” she said: “Because they wished they had what the other person has. ... Honestly, whenever another girl tells you something about your body or your looks, she’s really just talking to herself.” — (Celebretainment)