Police first thought Summerville man had fallen, but a bullet was found in his head before death

June 23, 2017 GMT

Summerville authorities didn’t realize a man had been shot earlier this week until medical scans revealed a small bullet lodged in his brain.

David Williams, 50, died Wednesday night after being shot in an eye earlier that day at his home, police said. Two men face charges in connection with his slaying, the fourth homicide this year in Summerville. One of the suspects remains on the loose.

Officers from the Summerville Police Department went to 928 W. 2nd North St. about 12:53 a.m. Wednesday after Williams’ daughter, awakened by a “thumping noise,” found her father unconscious, an incident report stated.

Williams’ mother was there, too, and dialed 911.

When the police showed up, they smelled gasoline and came across Williams lying in the kitchen. He was breathing and had a pulse, but neither his daughter nor the officers could rouse him.

The police noticed some blood on Williams’ head and mouth, but they saw no signs that he had been shot. Seven to nine family members were there, the police said, but none reported hearing a gunshot or seeing what had happened.


“Most of the family members were uncooperative,” an officer wrote in the report, “some of which refused to talk.”

But a teenage boy was there and reported that his father, Raymond Alfonzo Mazyck Jr., 34, and his uncle, Darrhyl Lee Mazyck, 32, both of Lake Drive near Summerville, had been arguing with Williams. Williams threw gas on the Mazycks, the teen said.

They exchanged more words before the Mazycks left, the boy added. There was no talk of gunfire.

But a witness eventually told investigators that Raymond Mazyck had told Williams during the fight that he would fetch his .22-caliber gun and “take care of him,” an arrest affidavit said. A short time later, family members heard the thud and found Williams injured.

The officers, considering Williams history of drinking, at first figured that he had gotten drunk, fallen and hit his head on a counter.

But after scans of Williams’ head, doctors later discovered the small-caliber round that had entered through the left side of his eye, the police report stated.

Darrhyl Mazyck is jailed on counts of accessory after murder and obstructing justice. He had originally faced a lesser charge that was upgraded after Williams’ death. The police said he had given them misleading information about the places he took his brother after the shooting.

Raymond Mazyck remains wanted on a murder charge.