Bullhead City man given probation for vandalism spree

April 3, 2019 GMT

KINGMAN — A Bullhead City man suffering from schizophrenia and gender identity disorders is being given a chance to get mental health treatment while on probation rather than be sent to prison.

Mohave County Court Commissioner Billy Sipe placed Dean Randall, 30, on probation for three years when he could have imposed a sentence of up to 14 years in prison.

Sipe imposed a 170-day jail sentence and credited Randall for that many days spent in custody while awaiting trial so that he could be released.

Sipe noted that Randall pleaded guilty to indecent exposure for wearing a dress to a Bullhead City park where he lifted the garment, dropped his underwear and displayed himself while a woman and her 9-year-old daughter were 40 feet away last July.

Randall subsequently went on a vandalism spree on Oct. 26. Sipe said Randall was stealing a dress when an employee interceded and Randall punched the woman in the face, breaking her tooth. Randall then walked north along Highway 95, throwing rocks and shattering windows and glass doors at a number of businesses, including Harbor Freight Tools, Perkins Restaurant, Kindred Smiles Dental and Yolies Hair Solutions.


Police said Randall also stole 67 makeup items from Safeway.

Defense attorney Adam Cirzan said Randall was a law-abiding citizen when he stayed on his meds and kept up with his mental health counseling regimens during an eight-year period before the criminal activity last summer and fall. Cirzan said further incarceration serves no purpose.

“Prison is just not the right place for Dean,” Cirzan said. “What he really needs is to maintain his mental health treatment.”

Prosecutor Karolina Czaplinska countered that a history of misdemeanor convictions and the current felony cases called for prison time.

“He went on what can only be described as a rampage,” Czaplinska said. “His behavior has shown disdain for the community and for that reason the state feels he should be removed from it.”

Randall was convicted of indecent exposure, aggravated assault, shoplifting and three counts of criminal damage through a plea agreement.

“There’s no question that you’re mentally ill,” Sipe told Randall. “I look at you as someone who really needs help. ... I’m willing to give you probation and a chance at rehabilitation.”

Sipe sternly advised Randall to take advantage of any counseling and treatment services available to help him attempt to successfully complete probation.