Louisiana mayor enters rehab, citing alcohol dependency

July 25, 2022 GMT

LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — A Louisiana mayor said Monday that he has checked himself into a rehab facility for treatment of alcohol addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory said in a news release that he will be in an in-patient facility for 21 days.

A statement from the city said Guillory will remain in authority over Lafayette Parish and city government. Through arrangements with the rehab facility, Guillory will have access to a computer and internet service and will be able to review and sign contracts, ordinances and other documents.

Guillory’s biography on the city’s website said he enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard in 2001 and led a platoon in Iraq in 2005

“I have seen things that people are not meant to see,” Guillory’s statement said. He said he did not drink “before or during working hours” but had become increasingly dependent on alcohol at the end of the day.

“And while that dependency has not had a direct impact on my duties as Mayor-President, it has begun to negatively impact my interpersonal relationships, especially my family, which is more important than everything else,” he said.