Pope visits centre for homeless in Bratislava

September 13, 2021 GMT

STORY: Slovakia Pope Homeless 2 - Pope visits centre for homeless in Bratislava

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DATELINE: 13 September 2021 - Bratislava




Bratislava - 13 September 2021

1. Wide of Bethlehem Center run by the Sisters of Charity

2. Homeless people inside waiting for the Pope

3. Pan from nuns to people waiting

4. Journalists outside waiting for the Pope

5. Man looking through binoculars from window of apartment

6. Poster of Mother Teresa

7. Sniper on rooftop

8. Nuns with Slovak and Vatican flags singing

9. Painting of Pope on wall with phrase “Don’t forget to pray for me”

10. Pope arriving in car


11. Pope approaches nun who puts a “lei” of turquoise blue flowers around his neck

12. Pope waves to crowd with “lei” around his neck

13. Wide of Pope speaking to crowd outside

14. Pope going inside centre


Pope Francis visited a centre for the homeless, poor and sick people in Bratislava on Monday when a nun placed a turquoise blue ‘lei’ around his neck.

The centre, run by the Sisters of Charity - the congregation set up by Mother Teresa of Calcutta - has been working with the poor for the last twenty years, providing places to sleep, hot meals, and bathrooms.

A crowd of families with children, many of them with handicaps waited patiently in the sun outside. Inside, the residents sat in a circle eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Pope.

The centre is in the middle a series of large rectangular apartment buildings on the outskirts of Bratislava. Residents from nearby buildings watched from their windows while snipers stood on the roof-tops.

This is the Pope’s 34th trip and his first since surgery in July for diverticulitis, an operation that resulted in the removal of a large chunk of his colon. He spent days in the hospital recovering.  

Entering the Cathedral of Bratislava on Monday morning, the Pope joked with journalists saying that he is “still alive”.

The 84-year-old Pope has a busy schedule including meetings with the Jewish community in Slovakia, where over 100-thousand Jews lost their lives in the Holocaust.

On Tuesday, Francis will travel to Lunik XI, a district of Slovakia with a large Roma population living in extreme poverty in dilapidated buildings with no running water or proper sewage system. There are about 4,300 Roma people living there.

Lunik XI is the biggest of about 600 shabby, segregated settlements where some 20% of the poorest of the country’s 400-thousand Roma live.


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