Greece to shelter Afghan human rights workers, families

October 21, 2021 GMT

SKOPJE, North Macedonia (AP) — Greece has agreed to shelter a group of 35 Afghan human rights workers and their families following a short stay in neighboring North Macedonia.

North Macedonia’s government said the 35 had been transported Thursday to Greece, the latest European Union country to take in Afghan refugees from the Balkan republic. Ireland and France took in a total of 37 evacuees from North Macedonia over the last week.

Several hundred Afghans have been allowed to stay in North Macedonia until more permanent arrangements can be made. The evacuees include human rights group staff, translators, university students, and scholarship holders and their families, who are considered to be under threat from the new Taliban regime.

New NATO member North Macedonia joined an international effort along with other allies of the United States to help Afghans flee their country in the wake of the Taliban takeover in mid-August.

Greece has already agreed to host a group of female Afghan judges and former members of parliament.