Trevor Noah: Fox News appears like the real ‘caravan of dangerous extremists’

November 15, 2018 GMT

Comedian Trevor Noah says President Trump may want to stop concentrating on thousands of migrants marching toward the U.S. border via Mexico and concentrate on a real “caravan of dangerous extremists” Fox News.

“The Daily Show” host told an audience in Miami Tuesday night that it is absurd for the commander in chief, along with Fox pundits, to frame a caravan of migrants demanding entry into the U.S. as a de facto invasion. He added that such rhetoric was “fear mongering” to excite voters ahead of the midterm elections.

“It’s a group of people who are saying to America, ‘Hey, we’re in trouble. Can you help us?’ ” Mr. Noah said. “Trump is sending the same amount of troops [to the border] as he sent to fight ISIS. ... Do you know what’s even worse? Trump is sending more troops than there are migrants so the troops can basically play man-on-man defense.”

The comedian’s commentary was supplemented by multiple pundits calling the caravan an invasion.


“Really? An ‘invasion’? Get the f out of here, man,” Mr. Noah said.

“Even though this network might seem like one giant caravan of dangerous extremists, I believe there are people in there who mean well,” he said in reference to Shepard Smith.

Mr. Trump is sending roughly 5,200 U.S. troops to the Southern border to control the influx of migrants.

“When they are captured, we don’t let them out,” Mr. Trump told Fox’s Laura Ingraham this week. “We’re not letting them out. ... We’re not catching, we’re not releasing. ... We’re not letting them into this country.”