Cleveland Museum of art announces 2018 Solstice performers, ticket info

May 2, 2018 GMT

Cleveland Museum of art announces 2018 Solstice performers, ticket info

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The summer solstice is the longest day of the year – a day celebrated around the world.

Including Cleveland. For the 10th year in a row, the Cleveland Museum of Art will celebrate the start of summer with a festival of cutting-edge world music, art and an evening-long party inside the galleries and on its stunning terrace.

“Two-thousand-nine was the first ever Solstice, and it was meant to be a celebration of the new museum, the extension and renovation,” says Tom Welsh, Director of Performing Arts. “It was always meant to be a one-time event and here we are preparing for the 10th annual Solstice. That is an outstanding fact in its own right ”

 This year’s party will be held on Saturday, June 23, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. (two days after the actual solstice). Tickets, $75, go on sale to members at 9 a.m. Monday, May 14. Any remaining tickets, $90, go on sale to the general public at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 15.


 Tickets are available online at or by phone at 216-421-7350. Members are limited to two member-priced tickets and two public tickets.

This year’s festival features eight bands from around the globe: Syria, Morocco, Yemen, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and beyond.

“We want to be featuring artists who reflect world right now,” says Welsh.

“We’re thrilled that Solstice has taken on this life, it’s something great for music and the city of Cleveland. It’s the kick off to summer.”

Welsh says that the one thing about Solstice that has changed is local’s perceptions of Cleveland.

“At the very first one, there was this ‘oh my gosh feeling.’ People were flabbergasted, it felt like they were in New York or Chicago. Nobody says that anymore. They say it feels like a night in Cleveland.”

The artists

Descriptions provided by Tom Welsh and the Cleveland Museum of Art:


Moroccan-born Hatim Belyamani (aka HAT) makes music based on filming and remixing the sounds and images of his home country’s Arabic, Amazigh, and sub-Saharan African origins.

Hello Psychaleppo

Hailing from one of the most mystical and musically rich cities in the Levant, Hello Psychaleppo is deeply rooted in the traditions of oriental music. Hello Psychaleppo is the brainchild of the young Syrian music producer Samer Saem Eldahr.


LADAMA is a group of four women from across the Americas (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, USA) who celebrate cross-cultural, Pan-American collaboration.

Yemen Blues

Ravid Kahalani’s Yemen Blues brings a polyglot mix of music from Yemen and West Africa, with inspirations of contemporary grooves, from funk to mambo, and the deep soul of old chants.

Sxip Shirey

Sxip Shirey specializes in populist music that is often used for circus, dance and theater. He has released seven albums and has toured internationally.



Miho Hatori’s New Optimism

A singer, musician and artist, Miho Hatori is primarily known as the vocalist of the legendary NYC group Cibo Matto. New Optimism is her attitude toward the shape of a music project, a borderless, genre-less creation with experimental dance music.

Pierre Kwenders

Afro-Canadian singer-songwriter Pierre Kwenders creates music as a response to a world that so often asks people who fit comfortably in multiple boxes to pick only one.

Undervolt & Co.

Curated by Yoshi Sodeoka, Undervolt & Co. is an internet-based collective involved in the circulation of time-based art across varied presentational formats. Founded in 2013, the group has widely exhibited its work, often taking the form of installations, screenings, performances, workshops and ongoing online projects.