Mark Ronson says Miley Cyrus is ‘one of the greatest voices’ he’s worked with

December 11, 2018 GMT

Mark Ronson thinks Miley Cyrus is “one of the greatest voices” he’s ever worked with.

The London-born star has joined forces with Miley, 26, for the new single ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ and for her new album, and Mark has hailed the talents of the American singer.

Mark - who has previously worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars - shared: “We both knew there was chemistry there. That led me to work on Miley’s record. She’s really one of the greatest voices I’ve ever recorded.”

Mark - who split from his ex-wife, actress Josephine de La Baume, in 2017 - also opened up about the process of recording ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’, saying the hit single “started to write itself”.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained: “I went through some s**t that meant the song started to write itself.

“It had been a while since I tried Miley, and I was like, ‘f*** it’. She wrote right back.”


Mark also revealed the new single was much more straightforward to record than ‘Uptown Funk’, the chart-topping hit he recorded with Bruno Mars in 2014.

The British star - who is producing Miley’s next album - recalled: “The first day she came in, she recorded the chorus and wrote the verses. ‘Uptown Funk’ took seven months to write, so that’s why I was so overjoyed to have something that felt so special.”