Talk turkey about Clinton, Trump sexual misconduct: Darcy cartoon

November 19, 2017 GMT

Talk turkey about Clinton, Trump sexual misconduct: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- In the discussion about men in power engaging in sexual misconduct, Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are the elephant and donkey in the room, with their pants down and groping hands out. Or in the case of today’s cartoon, the hen harassing turkeys in the room who have been pardoned by voters.

A string of women have accused both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump of either sexually harassing or assaulting them, and in Bill Clinton’s case, actual rape. Despite the credible accusations by the women, both Clinton and Trump were elected President of the United States.

Sen. Gillibrand right to say Bill Clinton should have resigned.

Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, recently told The New York Times that Bill Clinton should have resigned as president.

Thursday in a podcast interview, the NYT asked the Senator if Clinton should have stepped down over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


“Yes, I think that is the appropriate response,” said Gillibrand. She went on the explain that, “things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction. And I think in light of this conversation, we should have a very different conversation about President Trump, and a very different conversation about allegations against him.”

Gillibrand took over Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat when Clinton became Secretary of State. Former aides to both Bill and Hillary Clinton blasted Gillibrand as a hypocrite for having taken Clinton’s endorsements, campaign donations and Senate seat. They excuse Bill Clinton’s behavior by saying the oral sex he received from Monica Lewinsky was consensual.

Gillibrand was right to say Clinton should have resigned. His and Hillary aides defending his behavior with Lewinsky as “consensual” ignore the multiple accusations of Clinton having engaged in non-consensual sexual misconduct with a string of women before Lewinsky. They ignore the fact that Clinton literally defiled the office of the presidency by engaging in oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office, then committed perjury when testifying about it under oath.

The real hypocrisy on Gillibrand’s part would be if she didn’t say Bill Clinton should resign, when she has been one of the leading voices in the Senate working to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

How could Gillibrand, or any Democrat, have any credibility in championing women’s rights, if they enable or are apologists for the indefensible conduct of Bill Clinton?


As I noted in a previous post, during the Clinton presidency I sat in on The Plain Dealer’s Editorial Board meetings. At the time I made the case that Bill Clinton should resign because he had defiled the office of the presidency. He had demonstrated judgement and recklessness unfit for the office. It was the latest in a long history of either alleged or admitted sexual misconduct. Cartoons I produced at that time on Bill Clinton reflected that view.

Bill Clinton’s conduct ended up being pardoned by the voters for what I believe are two main reasons. Voter’s felt the country was doing well, especially economically. Also his charm and charisma won over voters.

Voters also pardoned Trump, in part because of Bill Clinton.

Trump has denied the credible accusations of sexual misconduct made by many women. Trump threatened to bring legal action against his accusers, just as Roy Moore has. Trump never followed through with his threat and it’s unlikely Moore will either.

The accusations made by the women and the “Access Hollywood” tape didn’t stop Trump from being elected due to several factors, one being Bill Clinton himself.

Voter’s knew what they were getting with Trump. He was already a known quantity who was on his third trophy wife. Voters wanted a non-traditional, change-of-pace president so bad there was much they were willing to look past with Trump.

Like Bill Clinton, Trump has a magnetic charisma. Trump was running against Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals canceled out the “Access Hollywood” tape and the allegations against Trump as negative that would hurt Trump.

If Bill Clinton could be re-elected after his sex scandals, if voters were alright putting him back in The White House around interns and calling him “First Gentlemen” with a straight face, then voters would have no problem calling Trump president.

Since Gillibrand’s comment, some have questioned whether Bill Clinton could have survived in the current climate with his sex scandals. Trump’s election just a year ago is proof that he could have.