Halper Lighting Solutions creates lighting for design, architecture communities: Makers 2017 (video)

December 27, 2017 GMT

Halper Lighting Solutions creates lighting for design, architecture communities: Makers 2017 (video)

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Bob Halper, owner of Halper Lighting Solutions, creates lighting for the architecture, design communities.

What they make: Halper Lighting Solutions, has designed and built custom lighting for all sorts of operations, ranging from churches and ballrooms to restaurants and historic renovations. As part of the rejuvenation of the St Clair-Superior Corridor, Halper Lighting Solutions is an incubator for lighting design and fabrication, bringing artists and craftsmen together, blending the newest technologies in LED with the creative visions of architects, engineers and interior design professionals.

How they started:

Bob Halper acquired assets from a manufacturer at 55th and St. Clair, in the Superior/St. Clair neighborhood in 2012. Part of the assets were UL files, which allowed him to produce for commercial applications. But it’s just the latest phase of a career that started out in theater, where he became fascinated by how light can affect an experience. As a representative for high-end furnishings in the 1980′s, and owner of a designer showroom in the 1990′s, Halper learned how lighting can provide practical solutions for interiors and enhance the beauty of good design.


Favorite place to take a visitor: Walking tour of downtown on a summer night. From East 4th Street, through Public Square, to the Warehouse District and down through the Flats. People are overwhelmed by the food choices, and how friendly our Cleveland is!

Favorite restaurant: Collision Bend Brewing Co. in the Flats. The beer selection is tremendous, and the views are spectacular. Out in Chagrin Falls, the Paris Room is a great, cozy place with music on the weekends.

Favorite all-time creation: In 2010, I created a 16-foot diameter movable light for the Rose Window at the Church of the Covenant in University Circle. Rising at dusk and lowering at dawn, it was visible to patients at the Seidman Cancer Center through the long evenings. I’ve never felt my work was more important.

Pro-tip: Listen carefully to your clients. As a custom manufacturer, our stock in trade is our ability to be fluid and responsive. People are generally more flexible and respectful when they feel they are being heard.