Your Turn: Oct. 31

October 30, 2016 GMT

What about Hillary?Re: “How we rigged the election against Trump,” Gilbert Garcia, Oct. 19:Your columnist is trying to prove that people like himself have not rigged the election against Donald Trump. But he then turns his column into a hit piece against Trump.When is he going to write a column pointing out all the criminal acts of Hillary Clinton? All the failures of Clinton when she was secretary of state? Just the multitude of lies she has told and continues to tell?Answer: Never.Hugh SmithNot his businessRe: “Trump says S.A.’s mayor should be feeling shame,” Front Page, Oct. 19:Once again, Donald “the Hypocrite” stuck his nose in a place where it doesn’t belong. When the San Antonio officers donned Trump’s campaign hat, they violated department policy. I’m sure at least one in the bunch knew they would be violating policy by doing that. If not, they are pretty dumb.In any event, this is the city’s business, not Trump’s, because all police officers, while on duty, have to be neutral regarding political candidates when they campaign in our city.David C. KellumNo big dealRe: “Trump says S.A.’s mayor should be feeling shame,” Front Page, Oct. 19:Gee, this is really front-page stuff. The police officers donned the Trump caps … for only a minute! Are you telling me that’s offensive? To whom? Democrat-saturated press and city officials?What the cops did was a courtesy to the candidate, and even if they really feel that way (flash: They do!), why in the world is this a continuing front-page story? This paper is so obviously liberal-bent, it’s all I can do to continue my subscription.From the beginning of this race, it’s been about propping up a sorry Democratic candidate rife with legal troubles and married to a serial philanderer, and yet all your poison is vented toward the Republican candidate. It is a disgrace that so much potential subject matter is available on Clinton and suppressed. Every time the Republican sneezes, it becomes fodder for this paper.And, frankly, the mayor should have kept her Facebook comments to herself as well. This was not a big deal!Donna HowingtonLame defenseAmid the outrage regarding Donald Trump’s revealing video on the Billy Bush bus, there seems to be a pervasive theme by his defenders.Most admittedly reflect that his comments about women are vulgar and inappropriate. However, the rebuttals center on the notion that many “men” speak in such terms when sharing camaraderie and braggadocio with “the boys.”Understood — not condoned — but let’s be real. Not all men are gentlemen. But shouldn’t our president be one?Lauren Moffat, BoerneBest we can do?Shame on us, all of us. To think a country of well over 300 million people can do no better than to elect one of the two running for the highest office in our land is truly a sad state of affairs.Brad FairchildDem in disguise?With all the Trump-bashing, his immigration comments are just a rehash of Democrat-initiated legislation.Let’s at least try to be fair. What is so different in his comments?Hank ForrestTrump time bombWith all the commotion surrounding Donald Trump and his constant criticisms of Hillary Clinton, I am reminded of the adage, “Given enough time, money and opportunity, nearly everyone will eventually self-destruct.”I certainly hope that is the case here, because, at 78, I have seen and heard a lot. Frankly, I believe that Trump is not only unqualified to become president but that he is downright dangerous.David A. HerndonEnd the divisionRe: “’16 campaign makes case for National Primary Day,” Lyle Larson, Other Views, Oct. 19:At last! Lyle Larson has nailed it. Our presidential election system is archaic and downright disgraceful. All of it, including the Electoral College system, needs to be revised.A National Primary Day and limited campaigns would be much better for all of us. Think of the good that could be done with the money wasted on the mind-numbing attack ads. I’m tired of the political parties and media creating a divided nation.Bill McCalisterNix third partyRecently there have been articles and several letters in the Express-News urging supporters of third-party candidates to vote for them on the theory that the vote is not wasted.While the idea of standing on principle is nice in theory, in a winner-take-all election with more than two candidates, it is possible for such a vote to produce an outcome contrary to those principles.Until our elections are changed to allow the Condorcet method, or majority rule ranking system, third-party candidates are wasted votes. It is just as effective to express your principles by voting for one of the main party candidates, then tell the exit pollsters and your friends you voted for a third-party candidate.Richard MurphyDevoted to SchertzI am supporting Michael Dahle for Schertz City Council. He has demonstrated a deep interest and concern for our community, volunteering and serving on various committees, including the Schertz Planning and Zoning Committee.We recently had a rezoning request that would affect our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhood. I asked to meet with Mr. Dahle to express my concerns and show him around. He agreed to meet me on a Sunday afternoon and listen to my concerns.This is the type of councilman we need in Schertz, one interested in seeing Schertz grow and progress but who also will take time to listen and consider citizens’ concerns.Robert R. Hawkins, Schertz