In case of child shooting, man accused of leaving gun out

February 21, 2022 GMT

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man has been charged with child endangerment in a case that saw one young child shoot another inside an Iowa City apartment last year.

Christopher Horras, 36, has been charged with two counts, one of misdemeanor child endangerment and one felony child endangerment charge, The Gazette of Cedar Rapids reported. He’s also charged with a count of making a firearm available to a minor. He faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted of all the counts.

Police say in charging documents that Horra left a loaded gun in his bedroom on Nov. 7 and left two children unattended while he went to another area of the house. The children found the gun, and one accidentally shot the other, police said.

Accessible court records don’t give the ages of the children or Horras’ relationship to them.