More Charges Filed In Ongoing Weapons Investigation

August 30, 2019 GMT

Scranton police on Thursday filed additional charges against a man they arrested a week ago as an illegal weapons possession investigation unfolds.

Brandon Hill, 22, 442 N. Irving Ave. Apt. D, Scranton, faced five new felony counts alleging he moved a suitcase with two powerful weapons on behalf of someone who should not have them — Elijah Barcola.

Two cooperating witnesses, who were not identified in court paperwork, told investigators Thursday that Hill moved that suitcase from one Townhouse Boulevard apartment to another apartment about two weeks ago, police charged.

Hill gave it to a woman with the instructions to hold it for Barcola, who is barred from having firearms.

The suitcase contained an M10 9mm handgun, commonly known as a MAC-10, and a loaded .22 caliber MP5. The guns were seized Wednesday.

Hill and Barcola have been in the Lackawanna County Prison since Saturday. The Street Crimes Unit spent 10 days tracking Hill down after he lied on an application to buy a gun, police charged. He hid out with Barcola, who was wanted for skipping court, at an apartment on Townhouse Boulevard. The pair surrendered and police charged Hill with making false statements while trying to buy a firearm.


The police didn’t find any guns that day.

On Wednesday, Barcola called his 17-year-old girlfriend from the county jail and told her to hide a bunch of guns for him at her house on Sanderson Street. Jail phone calls are recorded and the Street Crimes Unit listened. Police got a search warrant for the home and found the suitcase with the weapons that investigators later charged Hill for handling.

Also on Wednesday, police charged the 17-year-old and a 33-year-old woman, Candis Wyman, with firearms and related counts. Wyman is free on $15,000 and has a preliminary hearing scheduled Wednesday. The teenager is charged as a juvenile.

Hill is jailed on $150,000 bail while Barcola is jailed on $100,000 bail for illegal possession of firearms, corruption of minors, tampering with evidence and criminal conspiracy.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled Wednesday for Hill and Sept. 11 for Barcola.

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