Wuhan police search for man who killed 7, jumped off bridge

October 26, 2021 GMT

BEIJING (AP) — Police in Wuhan, China, say they are searching for a man who killed seven people then jumped off a bridge in the city.

The suspect, surnamed Gao, 39, killed a family of five and two more people while escaping, Wuhan police said in a statement on Tuesday.

Gao had visited the home of a man whose last name was Zhang, in a village near Wuhan, on Sunday evening, local media reported. Zhang was serving temporarily as the village’s Communist Party secretary, and the man had claimed to have some business he needed to resolve.

Zhang and his wife were found dead at the scene, along with their daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. One child found at the scene was still breathing and was sent to the hospital, local media reported. The man then killed a passerby and a driver, whose car he stole to make his escape.

The suspect fled until he reached a bridge over the Yangtze River bridge and jumped off the bridge early Monday morning, police said.