City expecting increased demand for water and sewer service

October 26, 2018 GMT

NEEDLES — With the ongoing development of North Needles, the city is expecting to experience increased demand for water and sewer service due to new industrial, commercial and residential development.

According to background information provided by city staff, Phase 1 of the city’s water and sewer system capacities study was completed on March 9. Epic Engineering has submitted a proposal, not to exceed $85,500, to complete Phase 2 of the water and wastewater (sewer) master plan for the city.

The scope of the work is broken down into seven tasks.

1) Review the city’s existing water rights and evaluate the water available to the city; 2) analyze the city’s capital facilities and evaluate the future demands of each facility; 3) generate a topographic base map to be used in generating the water and sewer models as well as a master plan report; 4) generate an hydraulic computer model of the water system; 5) generate a computer model of the wastewater collection system; 6) evaluate the needed infrastructure to extend water and sewer to the north end of the city; 7) provide and present the water and sewer master plan to the city.


According to the background information, the city is going to draw on development impact fee funds to cover the $85,500.

“We’ve already computed the amount of sewage that will be created as well as how much water will be consumed as that area develops,” said Rick Daniels, city manager. “This will now get into locating the lines and doing the hard engineering for where those lines will go. The outcome of this study, which should be finalized in six months, will be a detailed engineering plan.”

The city council approved Epic Engineering’s proposal for Phase 2 in the amount not to exceed $85,000.