Letter : Privatization is long overdue

October 30, 2016 GMT

To the Editor:

Nearly 500 state workers are expected to be laid off at the Department of Developmental Services. This is due to plans, totally ascribed to Gov. Malloy these days, to once and for all privatize all of the services the state provides to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Privatization of these services is commonplace in most other states around the country and long overdue in our state.

Individual clients, who currently receive services at the state-run facilities, and the families of those clients are also up in arms about the changes. Change can be scary, so that reaction is not unexpected. However, done right, the changes will be just fine in the end and Malloy has a responsibility to see that happens.

The state employee union, too, is fighting the change. The union has even threatened to take Malloy to court to reverse the change once it happens. That union move is not unexpected because unions look out for their own. If the union does win in court, 10 years from now, the change would be reversed. That would be good for the union but not so good for the clients or the taxpayer.


The reality is I have heard Republicans, too, in state legislature call for the implementation of these plans for years, but I hear no support for them this election season. I am no fan of Malloy, but, election year or not, it seems he could use some bipartisan support on this well-reasoned initiative these days.

Maybe after the election?

Jim Brown