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Maine delegation wants 207 to stay state’s only area code

August 13, 2021 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine’s congressional delegation wants the Federal Communications Commission to keep the Pine Tree State as a one-area-code state.

All of Maine is served by the 207 area code. The four members of the delegation said 207 phone numbers are projected to run out by 2024 if the FCC doesn’t take action, and that would necessitate the creation of a second area code in Maine.

The delegation told the FCC on Thursday that the 207 area code is “both a cultural touchstone and a matter of efficiency.” It also said adding another area code could be a problem for businesses, because so many leave the 207 area code out when posting a phone number or relaying a message.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission recently asked the FCC to let Maine try a method that allocates numbers one at a time to phone providers rather than allocating them in large blocks. The congressional delegation said it strongly supports that request, which it said could help keep the solo area code.