Food safety inspections, Sept. 18, 2017

September 18, 2017 GMT

For the period ending September 12. To file a complaint call the state Environment Department at 827-1840.

TESUQUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1555 Bishops Lodge Road. Cited for milk refrigerator door out of adjustment, dust on air conditioning vents and burned out exhaust hood light.

NEW MEXICO LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY, 4491 Cerrillos Road. Cited for some food items not dated, unprotected condensation line and water dripping at sink.

STARBUCKS, 4980 Promenade Blvd. Cited for improper sanitizer mixture, food-dust buildup on equipment, exposed fiberglass insulation, sinks not sealed to wall and dumpster lids open.

KEARNY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 901 Avenida Las Campanas. Cited for metal shavings on can opener and no trash can at hand sink.

SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA, 2100 Yucca St. Cited for employee drink in refrigerator, lack of dented can policy for adulterated food, lack of hair restraints, dish machine thermometer not working, open dumpster lids, grease on ceiling tiles and lint on light in refrigerator light.


BURGER KING, 1621 Llano St. Cited for employee food in refrigerator, employee phones in prep area, grease on ice machine, soda cup dispenser and restroom doors not self-closing.

CARL’S JR., 1640 St. Michael’s Drive. Cited for chicken temperature in danger zone, lack of proper air gap on sink drain line, hoses not cut back and leaking under soda machine.

CHOW’S, 720 St. Michael’s Drive. Cited for employee drink in prep area, ice in hand sink, no hand-washing signage, no sanitizer in dishwasher, improper stacking of food, ice on food in freezer, food temperature in danger zone, food not dated, lack of hair restraints and open dumpster lids.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS, 1085 St. Francis Drive. Cited for employee drink in prep area, food temperature in danger area, using motor oil as lubricant, paint peeling and crumbling over dishwasher area and holes in walls.

SUBWAY, 3005 St. Francis Drive. Cited for ice pooling on box in freezer. lack of proper air gap for drain line, dust on food equipment and lint on vents.

PICCOLINO ITALIAN RESTAURANT, 2890 Agua Fría St. Cited for ice scoop improperly stored and dust on vents.

CAFE DES ARTISTS, 223-B Canyon Road. Cited for employee touching vegetables with bare hands, dog in restaurant area, sink seal loosening and lack of chlorine test strips.

TRIBES COFFEEHOUSE, 3470 Zafarano Drive. Cited for light bulb burned out and no protective cover.

SANTO NINO REGIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL, 23 College Ave. Cited for black stain on wall by dishwasher.

WOOD GORMLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 141 E. Booth St. Cited for light bulbs burned out.

CESAR CHAVEZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 6251 Jaguar Drive. Cited for inadequate lighting in walk-in cooler.

MILAD PERSIAN BISTRO, 802 Canyon Road. Cited for particle accumulation on kitchen vent.