Bird flu reported in mixed bird flock in Franklin County

March 15, 2022 GMT

OTTAWA, Kan. (AP) — A flock of birds in Franklin County in northeast Kansas have been diagnosed with avian influenza, better known as bird flu, federal and state agriculture officials said.

The affected flock is a mixture of chickens, ducks and other birds on a home farm said Heather Lansdowne, a spokeswoman with the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

The agency did not give more specific information about birds’ location, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. The flock will be significantly reduced to prevent the spread of the disease.

Nearly 7 million chickens and turkeys in 13 states have been killed this year due to avian influenza, agriculture officials said.


The Kansas agriculture department said bird owners can limit their flocks’ exposure to the disease by removing potential nesting sites and feeding areas for wild birds.

Bird owners are also encouraged to clean clothes, shoes and equipment after visiting a domestic flock or areas where waterfowl might be present.

“If you take a walk around the local duck pond with your dog, then you and your dog and your car could carry that disease back home to your birds,” Lansdowne said.

The bird flu does not present a risk to humans or the food supplies, Lansdowne said.