LOT plane makes emergency landing after cabin pressure loss

January 24, 2022 GMT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish LOT airlines whose passengers included four Polish members of the European Parliament made an emergency landing at a German airport Monday after suffering cabin pressure loss.

The plane was flying from Warsaw to Brussels when it suffered the pressure loss over Germany. It made an emergency landing in Düsseldorf.

One lawmaker, Robert Biedron, posted a video on Twitter showing the passengers and crew in oxygen masks ahead of the landing.

“The situation looked dramatic, but it was brought under control,” Biedron tweeted, saying he and the others were safely on the ground. “Bravo crew!”

Other lawmakers onboard with him were Ewa Kopacz, Elzbieta Lukacijewska and Boguslaw Liberadzki.

“It was a bad flight with a lot of anxiety and fear,” Lukacijewska tweeted along with a selfie in an oxygen mask.

A LOT spokesman was quoted by Onet as saying that the Embraer 195 aircraft experienced a malfunction in the air-tight sealing system of the cabin.