New library in Chubbuck among issues up for election Tuesday

May 18, 2019 GMT

Voters within the Portneuf Library District will go to the polls Tuesday to determine if a new library will be built in Chubbuck.

Elsewhere in the region, voters within the Bear Lake County School District will consider a supplemental levy, voters in the City of Georgetown will consider issuing bonds to make water-treatment system upgrades and voters within the Downey-Swan Lake Highway District will elect a new commissioner.

The proposed library, which would be located within the city’s future downtown area, would encompass 32,000-square-feet of space, compared with 11,920 square feet in the current library at 5210 Stuart Ave.

Voters in Chubbuck and north Bannock County outside of Pocatello city limits will be eligible to vote on the $11.645 million bond initiative, which will require a supermajority of votes in support to pass. The bonds would be repaid over 15 years, at 3.03 percent annual interest.


The owner of a home valued at $200,000 would pay $84.68 per year to support the expansion, factoring in the homeowner’s exemption, according to the library district’s estimates.

Officials with the district say they’ve outgrown their current facility and have been planning the project for two and a half years.

Julie Hancock, elections administrator for Bannock County, said about 30 people participated in the two-week early voting period, which ended

Friday. She said a few votes were also submitted by mail.

She said voters in 24 precincts within the library district will be eligible to vote Tuesday and should report to their usual polling places. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Hancock said voters who list their primary residence in Pocatello but have rental property within the library district’s boundaries will not be eligible to vote.

Voters within Bear Lake County School District 33 will vote on a $650,000 supplemental levy for each of the next two years. The funds will be used to support “all lawful expenses of maintaining and operating the schools” if it’s approved by a majority of voters. The district has a long history of supporting the supplemental levy, according to officials with the Bear Lake County Clerk’s Office.

The City of Georgetown will vote on approving $410,000 in bonds toward making improvements to its water treatment and distribution system. The city will also contribute $200,000 toward the project, which requires a supermajority of voters in support to pass.

According to the Bear Lake County Clerk’s Office, the revenue bond will be repaid solely from funds derived from rate payers and should not result in any increase in monthly water rates. The city estimates the existing fee structure should be sufficient to cover the added cost.

Some Bannock County voters will also be asked to select a new highway commissioner. Glade H. Davis, Michael W. Vaughan and Kent Winward are running for District 2 commissioner with the Downey-Swan Lake Highway District.