Letter: District obligated to provide developmental preschool

June 7, 2017 GMT

To the Editor:

A letter from Sandy Elliot appeared in the June 2 edition of the Daily Record. There were misstatements of fact in that letter that should be corrected for your readers. Ms. Elliot stated that “pre-K is a Common Core construct that is no longer federally funded” and “(t)he old policy that accommodated 3-4 year-olds in “free” taxpayer subsidized facilities put some private daycare out of business.”

In reality, the Ellensburg School District is not providing educational services to any and all pre-K (3-4 year old) students. Rather, the district provides pre-K special education services only to students who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

The district is in fact legally obligated to provide educational services to those students and receives federal funding to aid it in providing those services. That legal obligation has nothing to do with Common Core, and was an obligation the district had long before Common Core was even heard of.


The Developmental Preschool where those students are currently served is housed in the Psychology Building at CWU for a rental amount of approximately $40,000 per year. That space has been outgrown by the population of students served. The proposal by the Community Capital Planning Committee to use district facilities in the future to serve those students would result in monetary savings to the district.

Heather Hazlett