Gableman disparages how head of elections panel dresses

April 13, 2022 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice leading a taxpayer-funded investigation into the 2020 election criticized how the leader of the bipartisan state elections commission dresses during a radio interview.

Michael Gableman was hired by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to look into the 2020 election. He has released two widely panned preliminary reports and his contract runs through the end of April, but there are multiple ongoing lawsuits related to the probe.

Gableman appeared on WTAQ-AM on Tuesday and criticized a wide array of officials, including Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, two judges and five members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday.


But the Meagan Wolfe, the leader of the commission, was the only one he singled out for how she dresses.

“Black dress, white pearls — I’ve seen the act, I’ve seen the show,” Gableman said.

When host Joe Giganti said he recently saw Wolfe wearing a gold locket rather than pearls, Gableman responded, “Oh, Hillary Clinton.”

Wolfe, who was confirmed to her job by the Republican-controlled Senate, issued a written statement in response.

“I’m a professional who takes my job seriously,” Wolfe said. “Comments directed at my appearance are a far cry from being serious, and are beneath anybody who purports to be undertaking a review of subject matter as important as election integrity.”

Ann Jacobs, the Democratic chairwoman of the elections commission, said Gableman should apologize and questioned why he was commenting on how women look but not men.

“I think it is disgusting that Mr. Gableman has decided to reduce himself to critiquing somebody’s clothing instead of appreciating the hard work and effort that Meagan Wolfe does as the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission,” Jacobs said. “It clearly shows that his mind is not on impartially adjudicating election questions but rather on attempting to disparage true professionals.”